Some people go their whole life unrecognized. I paint portraits of people who matter to you so they are remembered with love.

In The Studio



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What’s in a Portrait ?


Hand Crafted Canvas

  • Every painting begins a hand crafted wood frame

  • All the wood is acclimated to the new climate to prevent warping

  • stretched with sturdy 12 oz. cotton duck so your painting doesn’t tear


  • Primed with professional grade gesso so your painting does’t crack

  • brushed with top of the line hand made oil paint from Williamsburg for the richest color

  • Sealed with Damar Varnish for long lasting protection


  • 15 years of experience in portrait painting

  • Masters of Fine Art from The University of Austin

  • Exhibited Internationally


Investing in a Portrait


Head and Shoulders


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Three Fourths


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Full Figure


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The Commission Process

Commission a Portrait in 3 Simple Steps

  1. Meet with the Artist

In order to paint a portrait I need to get to know that person. A good portrait captures a likeness, a great portrait reveals their character.

2. Schedule a Photo Session

Using professional photo equipment I shoot references for the painting. Paintings require specific lighting which is different than a typical photo portrait. Once we have photo choices for the portrait I take the images back to the studio and paint the portrait.


After, you have approved the digital images of the portrait, it is then delivered to you in person where the portrait is formally unveiled.


Commission a Portrait


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